Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In dread of the future

Hey, man.

You okay, farmboy?

I'm sad because it's time to go to bed and the night passes so quickly. Before I know it, I'll be back at work. Fuck.

You've been feeling like that a lot recently, I've noticed.

Yeah. I'm hoping it will pass soon. I fuckin' hate living like this, this constantly living in dread of the future, just whining my life away. I need to practice living for the moment, whatever the fuck that is. Maybe I'll do some of that this weekend.

Why don't you do that now. farmboy?

It doesn't feel right. (laughs) It feels like something I should do trying to fall asleep.

You can do it anytime. Go ahead, try it.

Okay, man. Here goes.

(farmboy leans back, closes his eyes, and breathes deeply.)

All right, I'm back.

How was it?

I almost fell asleep. (laughs) It was good, it was nice. I plan to do it again, real soon.

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