Monday, December 19, 2011

A good deal of progress

Well, today was the first all-album rehearsal and it went very well, I gotta tell you. I just kept adding songs.

Also, I talked to the guy at the studio and I'll most likely be doing some demo recording the week after Christmas.

And I've finally come up with a tentative order of songs. So there's been a good deal of progress since winter break started, even though I guess today is really the first day of it. The weekend would have happened anyway. This is the first workday of the break.

So it sounds like you've been busy, farmboy.

I have, kinda. I've had plenty of time just doing whatever I fuckin' please. You know, staying in bed and listening to podcasts and stuff. It's just started, but it's been good.

What's next in your plans?

I gotta keep practicing, I gotta type up lyric sheets for the recording. The recording's gonna take up a lot of my attention, which is just fine with me. I need to be practiced, I need to know these songs as well as I can. That's what this break is gonna be about.

Which is a good thing.

It's a very good thing, man. It's what pulls me through this here life.

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