Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, man!

Hey farmboy, where you been?

Oh, man, putting out those winter break fires. My fuckin' computer finally died, after years of service, so I've had to figure that out.

What did you do?

I applied for and received a credit card from the Apple folks, and I changed a brand-new computer.

Apple, huh?

Yeah, because it has Garage Band built in. That's a really important feature. It costs plenty to get it installed in a PC, as I remember.

Also, I had to get some minor dental work done. I bit on a piece of Christmas toffee and a crown came off of one of my teeth. It was pretty trouble free, except that it's gonna cost money. But, hey, it was pretty minor.

So...hey! Merry Christmas, man! How's your day been?

Very low key, farmboy, just the way I like Christmas.

Yeah, me too. I just got up from my annual Christmas nap. It's like the high point of the day for me. I'm at my brother's right now. I stayed last night and I'm gonna stay tonight, too. Christmas dinner should be in a couple hours. It's been a good Christmas. I got a couple great books and a Louis Armstrong CD. I love Louis Armstrong. He plays Fats Waller tunes on this CD. Pretty cool, eh?

Two greats, that's for sure.

Just like us, man. Merry Christmas!

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