Friday, March 2, 2012

Are the songs good enough?

The weekend! Finally! Hey, I think I get the recordings from the sessions tomorrow. Then I can listen to them 10 gazillion times to see how I can improve the performances. Plus, I can play with sequencing and I can play it in the truck.

The big test.

You got that right, man. (laughs) If it passes the driving test, maybe I've got something.

I'm looking really forward to hearing it, farmboy. I'm betting it's going to be exceptional.

Well, really, the whole project comes down to the songs. And it's like, are the songs good enough? What I know is that they're the best I can do.

Which is all you can really hope for in the long run.

Yeah, I suppose. It's tough, man, it's all fuckin' tough, but it's the thing I was born to do. I'm not talking any kind of fame or fortune here, I'm talking about what it feels like to write and play and sing. And, of course, there's other things, but I guess I'm primarily looking at myself as a writer, because that's how I see myself.

I hope the CD is exceptional, you know. I would love if the album went out into the folky world out there and found new listeners. I would love to be respected as a songwriter.

farmboy, you are respected as a songwriter.

Well, then, I guess what I need to do is respect myself. As a songwriter.

I guess I'm saying that I'd love to have a bigger audience, and I would truly love it if people connected with the songs. So I have to tackle the business aspect as well as make the best CD I can possibly make with the resources I have.

But for now, I need to focus on the CD. I mean, I have to do some stuff for financial reasons, but, man, I need to have the CD foremost in mind, you know?

And I think you do.

Man, I certainly hope so. 'Cause this creative stuff, this is what it's really all about.


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