Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some kind of balance

Did you go visit your friends tonight, farmboy.

Sure did. Had a great time. I really need to stop isolating myself so much. It was really good to see them.

So do you think you'll start being more social?

I fuckin' hope so, man. This being lonesome all the time fuckin' sucks, you know? I know that I'll be seeing people during spring break. I'm gonna do some recording then, too, and my nephew from southern California is coming to town.

I guess this being social thing's gonna be whatever I put into it. I guess what I mainly need to do is find some kind of balance, you know? I need a lot of alone time, for some reason. It's funny; I've got two brothers and a sister and I still spent lots of time alone growing up.

Which you put to good use, farmboy. You learned to play music, you learned to write songs.

Yeah. I don't know how popular people do it, you know?

I really am an introvert, you know. I find it exhausting to be around people a lot of the time. But I need to have friends; life seems really empty when you don't have any friends.

You have lots of friends.

I know. I'm very blessed. This isolating myself the way I do is my choice, man. So I can choose to not isolate myself. It's not like I have to be around people all the time. I can still have alone time. It's like I said, I have to find a balance.

I have confidence that you will, farmboy.

I'm glad somebody has confidence in me. I'm fuckin' confused all the time.

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