Friday, March 23, 2012

A little cayenne pepper

Man, I fuckin' tell you, tonight I have just hit the extreme of that self-critical thing that I'm into. Damn, man, it's like it's some kind of obsessive thinking or something. I get off one subject and onto another one but each one is about how I need to panic because I'm such a fuck-up.

Why, farmboy? I mean, this is the first night of spring break; I'd think you'd be celebrating.

Which I am. Hashish and Chinese food.

Where did you get the hashish?

From a friend of mine. It's pretty great stuff. I'm taking it kinda sparingly, though.


So I'm thinking "This too shall pass" about the self-critical...


That, too. I'm thinking it'll pass.

Hey, I had an amazing rehearsal today. I had smoked a little hash and it just enhanced the experience in an extremely nice way.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. What if you hadn't been stoned?

It still would have been good. The hash was just like, you know, a spice. A little cayenne pepper. It wasn't the whole point, you know. The music was.

I think maybe I'm just tired. Or maybe I'm smoking too much. Fuck.

Try to have a good night, farmboy.

Oh, I will. I really will, man. It is the first night of spring break, you know.

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