Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some kind of aural microscope

Went out tonight to the coffeehouse. It was their Woody Guthrie night. I played a couple songs, "Oklahoma Hills" and "Do Re Mi". What a great fuckin' writer, man.

How did it feel to perform? I've noticed that you haven't been doing much performing lately, farmboy.

I haven't been doing any performing lately, man. Just practicing for the CD.

It feel really good to pay with a flat pick. I do so much finger picking that I forget how much more sound you can get with a flat pick.

Performing went okay. Which is a great thing, because I've just been suffering from a lack of musical confidence lately.

Why do you think that is?

Because I've been recording and I have to hear myself. And it's like my voice, I put it under some kind of aural microscope or something. I hear every fuckin' thing and I criticize myself like you wouldn't believe. So I'm convinced that I sound like shit and it's completely hopeless. Pisses me off.

You know that most musicians go through this...

Yeah, I know. And I know it will pass. It's just hard, you know? But I know it's just temporary.

I'm glad that you know that, farmboy.

If you make a mistake over and over,, eventually you learn something. I hope.

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