Saturday, March 31, 2012

These are interesting times

I've had a good couple of days, man. I spent the last couple nights out at the coffeehouse. I performed both nights. Last night was an in-the-round with two other songwriters, two good songwriters. I got to see friends and I've felt less isolated than usual because of it.

Good for you, farmboy, on two different counts: getting out to see friends and performing. How did the show go last night?

Pretty good. No major flub-ups, you know? I just wish I get get myself more under control or something. I find performing just fuckin' nerve-wracking. All my insecurities come out. (laughs) Just like recording.

These are challenging times for you, farmboy?

These are interesting times, and not necessarily in a bad way. It's just a time where there has to be a little emotional, um...unravelling. So you can put it back together the way you want. In recording I have a lot of self-criticism...

I think you have plenty of self-criticism in your own life already, farmboy.

Yeah, I do. It's just that some of this musical self-criticism is necessary. I just need to remember that it's just a stop on the way, not the whole journey.

I could get fuckin' philosophical here, but I won't. Spring break is almost over and I don't have the time to do that. I just want to sit around and watch Trailer Park Boys and get stoned.

You just want to relax.

Yeah. I just want to take it easy, man.

You got it. Have yourself a good night.

I will. You too, man.

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