Friday, May 11, 2012

damn dude

damn dude
you got an attitude
do you kiss your mama
with that filthy mouth
damn dude
I just ain't in the mood
may I suggest 
you learn some manners?
that's how we play 
here in the South
damn dude

damn dude
you're talkin' awfully crude
your tattoos and your piercings, though
they're looking pretty good
damn dude
I believe you're misconstrued
it ain't like Deliverance
in this neighborhood
damn dude

all those images
on your tv screen
black and white
and no in-between

damn dude
you just ain't got a clue
you waltz into this honky-tonk
but you're afraid to dance
damn dude
you and that attitude
you just might get to like us
if you give us half a chance

damn dude

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