Sunday, May 20, 2012

I ain't dying or nothin'

I don't feel so good, man.

Do you think you're sick, farmboy?

I don't know. It's my stomach. I mean, I ain't dying or nothin', it's just this kind of nausea. So I just wanted to tell you that I'm doing okay, except for this fuckin' thing, you know? 

I'm tired from my busy weekend of social contact. So I saw my friend Dale from Austin on Friday night, played a gig on Saturday afternoon, went to see my brother and family later on, and I just got back not long ago from my songwriter group. I had a good time at all these things, but, man, I'm fuckin' exhausted.

Exhaustion may be part of what you're feeling, farmboy.

Yeah. That, and I been eating nothing but crap lately. I am so tired...


Yeah, man?

Why don't you go to bed.

I was thinking the very same thing, man.

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