Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My mind is a dangerous thing

I'm just checking in again, man.

Good. I'm glad, farmboy. I was wondering how your day is going.

Good day. I know I was kinda iffy last night, but today wasn't bad. It was pretty good, in fact. I'm very thankful. As for last night, my mind is a dangerous thing sometimes. And I was aware of it. Which I think is a good thing -- to be in the midst of panic or whatever you want to call it.

You call it panic.

I'm not really sure what my problem is called. I obsess over things, and eventually I have to accept the blame or the guilt or whatever this thing fuckin' wants to give me.

Sorry for being so vague, man.

It's fine, farmboy. I'm glad you're talking about this subject. I hate to see you hold all this pain inside. 

Thanks for listening, man. I really appreciate it. Everything is pretty okay now. 

I really, really hope it lasts for a little while.

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