Friday, May 25, 2012

I appreciate your ears

I'm a fuckin' broken record, man. Every Friday I get off of my fuckin' job and I'm so glad, I'm so thankful, I tell you. There's problems at work right now that I'm trying to not let upset me, but I'm not doing a great job of it. But I am doing a good job of it, though.

Okay, man, that's it. Sometimes I just need to vent about work.

I don't mind, farmboy, but it seems that you need to vent more lately. Not that you're doing it too much. But I have noticed that it's increased.

Yeah. Mainly, man, I appreciate your ears and I don't want to waste my time with you by discussing my fuckin' day job. The less said about that place, the better.

So, anyway, this is a three day weekend. Memorial Day. The school year's gonna be over in just a few weeks and I am scared about the summer financially and I gotta work and figure out things. And I gotta do this CD.

Where's that at?

I'm in a rethinking stage, but it's good, it's all for the best. Maybe I can talk to you about it this weekend?

I'd like to hear about it, farmboy. You're not giving up on it, are you?

Not a chance, man. No worries about that.

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