Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm not arguing

So I saw an old friend of mine, back from when I lived in Austin, Texas. Which, incidentally, is the coolest city on the planet, bar none. I fuckin' miss it every day.

What did you two do? How was it?

Oh, it was fuckin' great, man. Dale's a great guy. We sat outside and played songs on guitar and then we went out and had Mexican food. And we caught up, and we talked, and we discussed music. Dale's a smart guy. It's great to talk with him.

Good for you, farmboy. It's good to see you having good times with friends. I'm not saying that you have to be a party animal, but it's good to be social sometimes.

I'm not arguing. You saw how invigorating it was for me last Sunday when I went to the art exhibit. I know I need to be social sometimes. I told you before: I ain't no hermit.

Oh, I know, farmboy. I just get concerned about you isolating yourself.

What? I go out and have a good time and you get on my case about isolating myself? What the fuck, man.

You're right, farmboy. I should have worded it differently. I'm sorry. 

I get a little sensitive sometimes when people tell me what do do.

Let's start over.


It's good to see you having good times with friends.

Yeah, seeing friends is a good thing, man.

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