Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Overwhelmed, you know?

So I just, I don't know, started panicking this afternoon like you wouldn't believe. It got bad, man. It's that whole fuckin' mental illness thing coming back.

Did you take one of your anti-anxiety pills, farmboy?

Yeah, and now I'm, like, beginning to nod off. I've gotten real drowsy.

It's been kind of a fucked day, man. Got into a small political thing at work and I've been carrying around this anger because my co-worker just had to get in the last word. It's just something I'm going to haven to let go of. I've had all these worries on my mind and I'm started to feel, um...overwhelmed, you know?

Can I help at all, farmboy?

Yeah, man. Do me a favor. Be compassionate. Don't make fun of me. Just tell me that every things gonna be all right.



Everything's going to be all right.

It doesn't have to necessarily be a direct quote, you know?

It's true, though. Everything's going to be all right. Really.

Thanks, man. It helps to hear you say that.

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