Wednesday, April 6, 2016

self portrait (rewrite one)

I wanted to paint a self portrait
I painted it only in blue
I tried red and orange and purple
but no other color would do
I used a brand new canvas
from the local five and dime
and said "damn, man, I can't stand this
and bought a jar of turpentine
I wanted to paint aQq self portrait
so I could see me without you

I painted eyes with tears a-falling
and a nose big as a country mile
posing for pictures ain't my calling
'cause my mouth refused to smile
I couldn't believe my eyes
'cause my ears were so huge
I felt like an elephant
at a fair in Baton Rouge
I wanted to paint a self portrait
but being without you ain't my style

          I tried to be Picasso
          with masterpieces on the shelf
          but I felt like an asshole
          'cause I was still myself

I wanted to paint a self portrait

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