Thursday, May 12, 2016

halfway house, take two

caught between freedom and prison
between birth and baptism
that's where I call home
stuck inside 
where temptation can't find me
please don't remind me
of the seeds I've sown

out of one joint
and into the other
I tell you, my brother
I got my doubts
the past is a joke
and the future's a riddle
now I'm stuck in the middle
of this halfway house

         I'm in a halfway house
         I'm in a halfway house
         I'm living in limbo
         in a halfway house

here I ain't losing
here I can't win
the shape I'm in
is a crying shame
I got my own mind
but I'll hear your suggestions
I'm open to questions
at this stage of the game

          in this halfway house
          I'm at home in this halfway house
          I'm taking the high road
          at a halfway house

done my time, learned my lessons
I'm second guessing
every instinct I own
when I walk out this door
I got no way of knowing
if the way I'm going
is the path back home

          or the halfway house
          am I safe inside a halfway house
          maybe you can show me
          in the halfway house
          in a halfway house
         I'm working for my future
         in this halfway house

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