Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I gotta get a passport now

So I've decided to go to Ireland.

Ireland? That's great, farmboy! Give me details.

My friends Matt and Nancy put on a songwriters' retreat there for a week in April, up in the northwest corner. Donegal.

I think we're gonna be in two houses somewhere out in the country and we'll go into town at night to go to pubs and hear music.

I can't believe I'm fuckin' doing this.

I think it's about time,personally. Do you think you can handle it physically? And emotionally, for that matter?

My physical therapist thinks I'll be fine, and does my psychologist. My psychiatrist thinks it's a great idea. I have a fuckin' team now (laughs). And they all think I should do new things,, meet new people, have new experiences.

I do too, farmboy.

Well, I'm committed. I gotta get a passport now.

You've got a little less than four months. You should be able to do a lot of research about Ireland in that time.

Yeah. The planning's gonna be real exciting.

2017 is going to be an interesting year, man. Real interesting...

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