Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everything's wide open

So I'm taking tomorrow off of work, man. I have a day I have to use, so tomorrow's it.

What are you going to do tomorrow, farmboy? Do you have any plans, any ideas? 

I got a couple of things I should do, but there's not anything, you know, fun. Maybe I'll go to the movies. Maybe I'll work on a new song. I don't know. Everything's wide open. (laughs)  Maybe I'll just listen to podcasts and sleep all day.

Which would be okay.

Fuckin' right, man. There's just this part of me that feels like I should be accomplishing something. Especially since summer's coming on, and I'm going to have to wrack my brain to figure out some ways to make money. 

So what if you spent part of the day making a list of ideas to make money?

Hopefully I will. I heard the other day that "hopefully" is not really a word. Is that true? Do you know?

I just presumed it was a word.

Well, hopefully I will spend some time figuring some things out. That would be a good thing to do.

I can help if you want, farmboy.

Yeah, that would be good. Let me see what's going on.

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