Sunday, July 10, 2016

Food is a good thing

I'm doing new things everyday, man. I went grocery shopping earlier this week. I've gone outside by myself. I've taken a couple walks with physical therapists. I've gotten in and out of vehicles by myself. Today I ate supper at a restaurant with my brother and his family, plus his wife's mother. She just moved here. Got in last night, actually.

Going out to eat is always good. Where did you go, farmboy?

Chinese food. Southern China, if that means anything to you. It was very good. This wasn't, like, an orange chicken type of place. I had these fresh noodles that are, like, two feet long. They give you scissors to cut them at the restaurant.

Sounds pretty great, farmboy. 

It was. The chicken was really tender and the mushrooms were amazing. Food is a good thing.

Food is a really good thing.

Food is fuckin' fantastic, man. And now I can leave my apartment occasionally to go grab some.

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