Friday, July 1, 2016

How I spent spring break: an article

Let's get this part out of the way: I was on the most crowded bus I've ever seen, with passengers in the aisles, in the exits. It was rush hour. I usually take the front exit when I get off the bus, but I couldn't get to it with all the people getting on. So I took the back exit, which was higher than the front exit and the sidewalk.

And I fell. Hard. On my knees. On cement and gravel.

The ambulance was called. A very kind and calm young woman talked to me, as I lay on the gravel in the rain and my legs unable to move.

I went to the hospital emergency room, where I was one of many, many people needing help. I was admitted into a room eventually, where I was given pain pills that made me feel like I was riding on a ferris wheel. It was fun, in a way.

And with that everything changed on Thursday, February 11. I would not see my apartment for four months.

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