Saturday, July 2, 2016

How I spent spring break 2: A full recovery

My experiences these past few months are best described by the word surreal. It's like some weird type of time machine -- one second you're here, next second you're there, in this alternate life you didn't know you had. The people in your everyday life are now demoted to cameos where they once were stars. Suddenly you're surrounded by all these new people and what's more, you're dependent on them.

Once I get past the horrors and the miracles of the first week after the accident, I'm amazed how upbeat I was for the first month and a half. In some ways it was miserable in rehab, this being in braces and not sleeping stuff, but I was being taken care of by amazing people and musician friends were coming by with instruments and playing and visiting. It was like having my own venue. I have astoundingly talented friends. I didn't have to do laundry or clean or, thank God, cook. I didn't have to go to The Fuckin' Job (more about that later). 

I realize now that I felt like I couldn't afford to be miserable. This was very serious stuff I had happening. I had torn both quadriceps from the muscle area above the knees. The surgery was successful and the surgeon said I would have a full recovery.

A full recovery. Those, my friends, are like magic words. No matter what, I was going to heal. It was just going to take some work.

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