Thursday, July 14, 2016

sugar over here

groceries in the cupboard
gas tank filled with gas
money in my pocket
and my weekend going fast
whiskey in my coffee
that good gorilla weed
banjos on the bandstand
just one more thing I need
          and that's you, darlin'
          let me whisper in your ear
          yeah, that's you, darlin'
          bring some sugar over here

sultry summer evening
sitting on the porch
singing with my baby
and my guitar, of course
look at that far horizon
baby, come here soon
I need you harmonizing
by the the light of the silvery moon
          yeah, I need you, darlin'
          loving you should be my career
          I need you, darlin'
          bring some sugar over here

beggars can't be choosers
and I'm begging you
girl, I'm lot a loser
and I'm choosing you
give me a mask of moonlight
I'll go down on one knee
I've only got one question
and I'm hoping you agree
          'cause it's you, darlin'
          I will be your volunteer
          yeah, it's you, darlin'
          bring some sugar over here

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