Monday, July 11, 2016

How I spent spring break 5: Lessons learned

There's all these little observations and conclusions that I've been getting since I've been out of rehab. Finally, some lessons learned.

The main one -- the thesis sentence of this whole period -- is the feeling that you're in some weird alternative universe. For the time away is a learning process: learning new rules, new people, even a new vocabulary in a way 

I realized that when I look back I'm going to remember the people and their kindness. I have been the recipient of amazing generosity. The flip side of this is that I'm way too isolated in my usual life; for three months I wasn't. And I'm having a hard time adjusting to the outside world of my life at home.

The first card I was given after the accident basically said "Please allow me to strangle the first person who says that everything happens for a reason." I love that, but for me the feeling is this whole experience better be for a reason. If there's no reason, I'll give it one. It's like a thought I had those first few days in the hospital: How am I going to turn this negative into a positive?

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